Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Closing in on Phase 1 End-O-Development

Since this year winter's GDC and Peter Smith's presentation at IMGDC, the Lunar Quest team has been hard at work finalizing the Beta release of Lunar Quest on the Multiverse platform. In order to reach our research and testing deadline and at the suggestion of our Game Designer, Tim Holt, we have adopted the Scrum structure of rapid, iterative development. As a new Scrum Master, I find the process to be helpful and hopefully it will be successful! I'll have to report back and let everyone know if we delivered on time.

Our world is coming together quite nicely and in the relatively-near future we will publish some screen shots of our Phase 1 lunar world. In the meantime, our 3D Modeler/Animator Brent Hermanski rendered out a variety of female player characters that are no joke; check 'em out!

The Lunar Colonization Authority Female Cadet Squad

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Whiteboard.... It works

Not really an amazing discovery, but, Skype has a really awesome white board plugin called WhiteBoardMeeting. Check out our incredible drawing that relates to LunarQuest in a very obscure way...

Ok, so... it's not such a productive image. BUT... it will provide us with some really useful collaboration abilities in the future! YEAAAHHHH!!!